This Candidate for Congress Says Her Love For a KKK Grand Wizard Is Totally Not Racist

Nichole Williams posted a photo of herself on Facebook with a patch that reads "Ride with Forrest," a reference to an early leader of the KKK.


Restaurant Closed After Video Showed Owner Washing Kitchen Equipment in a Lake

After the video was posted to Facebook, the health inspector temporarily closed No. 1 Chinese Restaurant in Tennessee.


I Was the Only Black Woman to Testify Against an Abortion Ban. They Cut My Mic.

Cherisse Scott says she was told she had 10 minutes to speak, but lawmakers stopped her when she mentioned white supremacy.


This Tennessee Lawmaker Claims a Fetus Can Survive Outside the Womb at Conception

"This is an example of how politicians do not understand the medical language enough to make a policy based on it."


Tennessee's Radical Plan to Ban Abortion Is a Warning Sign for the Country

State lawmakers are taking a cue from Alabama's heavily restrictive abortion ban with legislation that would define life at conception.


This Suspected Killer Got Caught After Checking the Wrong Fridge

Curtis Ray Watson was suspected of sexually assaulting a corrections officer, killing her, and escaping on a tractor.


Demon Tattoos Could Be the Key to Finding This Escaped Tennessee Inmate

He escaped the day a corrections officer was discovered dead in her house on the penitentiary’s property.


"Meth-Gators" Aren't a Thing, But Also Please Don't Flush Your Drugs

Cops in Tennessee are warning that flushing drugs down the toilet could create "meth-gators."


Cracker Barrel Banned a Cop Who Called for Killing LGBTQ People

Grayson Fritts' All Scripture Baptist Church promoted an event at a Tennessee restaurant, but Cracker Barrel told them they weren't welcome.


A Tennessee County Wanted to Sterilize Inmates for Shorter Sentences. That's Over Now.

One former inmate says he refused a vasectomy and was required to serve an additional 30 days


Nashville Teachers Are Calling Out Sick to Protest Unfair Pay

There’s a huge gap between what they want and what the mayor’s offering.