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The Wild Story of the Real-Life Mobster Who Starred in ‘The Godfather’

Marlon Brando was Gianni Russo's only acting coach. Frank Sinatra was his only singing teacher. He's got tales.


Haunted Photos of Famous New York Crime Scenes Then and Now

A mob boss could have been dismembered at your local Starbucks.


The Russian Mob Funded My Parents' Restaurant

When this guy's $300 check came, he refused to pay it and instead took out his pocket knife and stabbed the check in the middle of the bar.


A Brooklyn Murder Mystery Surrounds a Stolen Pizza Sauce Recipe

Louis Barbati, the 61-year-old fourth-generation owner of the beloved Bensonhurst pizzeria L&B Spumoni Gardens, was shot five times in his backyard on June 30 while his wife and two sons were inside his home.


The Mafia Is Alive, Well, and Controlling Bread Prices in Italy

The police allege that bread retailers of all sizes, whether a street vendor or a supermarket, have had to buy their bread from bakeries tied to the Camorra Mafia for years.


What Happened to the American Mafia?

The FBI says that the mob is still an existential criminal threat in America. We asked some former Gambino family soldiers and two La Cosa Nostra experts if that's really the case in 2015.


Artisanal Gelato and Climate Change Are Killing New York's Ice Cream Truck Mafia

Ice cream dons often have had the business in their family for decades, and everyone knows everyone else. There are two things you need to join the club—a mobile food permit and a list of good spots where you can sell—and both are almost impossible to...


Doofus and Henry Become Made Men

Henry and Doofus are joining a life of low-down criminal activity in the seedy underbelly of Flowertown.