NASA Will Fly a Copter on Saturn's Moon Titan

“Dragonfly will visit a world filled with a wide variety of organic compounds, which are the building blocks of life and could teach us about the origin of life itself.”


Experts Call for Transparency Around Google’s Chinese-Made Security Keys

Google's Titan Security Keys, used to lock down accounts, are produced in China. Several experts want more answers on that supply chain process, for fears of tampering or security issues.


Saturn’s Cassini Orbiter (1982-2017)

On Friday, Cassini will vaporize itself in Saturn's skies.


Fighting Fantasy for First Timers: The Books to Begin Your Adventures

The series is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2017, with a new book to boot. Here are five favorites for absolute beginners to start with.


Ellen Stofan Left NASA But She’s Still Trying to Push Humanity Forward

NASA's former chief scientist says when it comes to getting more women in science and tech, the progress is "too slow, I won’t lie to you."


Saturn’s Moon Titan Has Electrically-Charged, 'Sticky' Sand

"If you grabbed piles of grains and built a sand castle on Titan, it would perhaps stay together for weeks due to their electrostatic properties."


Watch Summer Clouds Roll Across the Skies of Saturn's Moon Titan

NASA’s Cassini orbiter wants to make its final year of service count.


Enter the Perverted, Drug-Addled World of TITAN with “Dama Fina”

The Mexican cult band are back with a bang with their first new album in over ten years, and their latest video is something you'll have to scrub off your brain.


This 22-Year-Old Found Four New Planets, Including a ‘Warm Neptune’

One planet could conceivably host a moon with life.


We Should Look for Orange Exoplanets Because That's What Earth Used to Look Like

A researcher has shown that the search for habitable planets should perhaps be broader.


Astronomers Use Earth as a Model for Climate Change on Saturn’s Moon

Studying Earth to learn about Titan to learn about Earth.


How Astronomers Found the Hidden Global Ocean on Saturn's Moon Enceladus

… joining of the ranks of other potentially life-harboring moons Europa and Titan.