Americans Are Literally Flushing Canada’s Forests Down the Toilet

The United States rolls through more toilet paper per year than any other nation, according a report co-written by the NRDC.
Becky Ferreira

Scientists Found Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria In Space

NASA scientists found drug-resistant strains of bacteria in the ISS toilets, but say they pose no threat to the astronauts—for now.
Becky Ferreira
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Who's Going to Tell Trump He Has Toilet Paper on His Shoe?

The greatest Air Force One debacle since that time we got a peek under his hair helmet.
Drew Schwartz
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Toilets With Threatening Auras Compiles the Internet's Cursed Commodes

We talked with the guy behind the incredible Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Peter Slattery
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Enjoy This Soothing Video of Port-a-Potties Being Ripped from the Earth

One of man's most wretched creations gets its karmic comeuppance.
Lauren Messman

'Justin Bieber's Toilet,' Today's Comic by Gina Wynbrandt

A girl wishes upon a star and her dream finally comes true in today's comic.
Gina Wynbrandt

An Indian College Put CCTV Cameras In Boys Bathrooms to Curb Cheating

"The male students are being targeted. Don’t girls cheat in exams?"
Zeyad Masroor Khan
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I Went to a Party for a 'Hip' Bidet and It Made Me Feel Like an Asshole

The celebration of a new toilet attachment had everything—butt massage, nude models, turd-shaped cookies—but subtlety.
Alex Norcia
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Trump Wanted Art So This Museum Offered Him a Gold Toilet

The Guggenheim couldn't lend the White House a Van Gogh, but it was more than willing to hand over Maurizio Cattelan's "America."
Drew Schwartz
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How Nasty Is it to Never Clean Your Toilet?

That moldy ring means it's been at least three weeks.
Ryan Brown
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Madagascar Has a Poop Problem

A London-based startup hopes to lead a lavatorial revolution with an affordable toilet that's wireless, off-grid, and able to charge your phone.
Lina Zeldovich

Artist Sneaks Urinal-Subway Seat Onto NYC Train

Inspired by Duchamp and his Readymades, Benjamin Nordsmark crafted a hybrid urinal-subway seat from plywood, painted it orange, then headed off on the subway to get people’s reactions.
Kevin Holmes