Craig Mazin's Years-Long Obsession with Making 'Chernobyl' Terrifyingly Accurate

"We had a general standing philosophy from the beginning, which was: Accuracy is everything to us."
Drew Schwartz
The Power and Privilege Issue

Ukraine's Lost Generation

Sucked into the trauma and labor of an ongoing war, Ukraine’s Millennials face uncertain prospects in a country rife with Soviet-era boomer corruption, an uneven economy, and a lack of job opportunities.
Ben Makuch
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Fugitive Allegedly Faked His Own Death to Chill in a $3.4 Million Castle

A clear lesson in what not to do after faking your own death.
Drew Schwartz
cat out of the bag

Manafort's Daughter's Lawyers Pressured Twitter to Delete Links to Hacked Text Messages

In July, a freedom of information activist dumped an unredacted cache of text messages allegedly hacked from Manafort's daughter's phone.
Joseph Cox

Inside Ukraine's Wildly Popular, Deeply Troubling Nationalist Restaurant

At Kryjivka, guests can enjoy a bowl of blood-red borscht then practice their aim at targets of Stalin and Lenin at the on-site shooting range.
Matt Henderson Ellis

Two Canadian Provinces Pull Vodka With Soviet Symbol from Shelves Due to Protests

Ukrainian-Canadian citizen groups consider the hammer and sickle symbol offensive.
Ian Burke
Views My Own

Why Is the West Ignoring the War in Ukraine?

The war is active and people are dying. Most people just don’t care about it for a cocktail of both bigoted and ignorant reasons.
Ben Makuch
Internet Insecurity

Someone Has Infected At Least 500,000 Routers All Over The World And No One Knows Why

But Ukraine’s government says it thinks that Russia will use “VPNFilter” to attack Saturday’s Champions League final.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

As Ukraine's Rape Epidemic Goes Largely Ignored, Survivors Plead for Help

"Most survivors are displaced people, without housing, without work, without all the essential things, and with a lot of health problems. They do not receive any help from the state at all."
Madeline Roache
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Government hours from possible shutdown, Supreme Court blocks ruling against gerrymandering in North Carolina, Trump appointee quits over gross history of hate, and more.
VICE Staff

Ripped, Reassembled Photos of Closeted Gay Men in Ukraine

Kiev-based photographer Anton Shebetko destroys and reconstructs his photographs to obscure the faces of his subjects.
Anton Shebetko
Internet Insecurity

New Ransomware ‘Bad Rabbit’ Spreading Quickly Through Russia and Ukraine

There’s a potentially massive new ransomware spreading in eastern Europe.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai