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This New Orleans Clinic Was Created to Help After Katrina. Now, All Their New Patients Are Undocumented.

Immigrants' kids are in serious need of health care. One clinic in New Orleans is trying to help.


Border Patrol Agent Who Called Migrants “Savages” Pleads Guilty After Hitting Guatemalan with Truck

The agent admitted to intentionally hitting a Guatemalan migrant with a truck.


The ICE Raids in Mississippi Have Made Life Nearly Impossible for Families: "I'm Afraid to Leave My House"

For the roughly 680 arrested last week at seven chicken plants across central Mississippi, the trouble is just beginning.


The Unbearable Stress of Being in a Community Under Attack

The life-altering, stressful impacts of ICE raids and shooting massacres don’t end with the events themselves. So how are people attempting to cope under constant threat?


The Trump Administration Won't Hold Migrant Kids at a Former Japanese Internment Camp After All

Fort Sill was one of 70 facilities that held Japanese Americans during WWII.


An 18-Year-Old Citizen Has Been in Immigration Detention for a Month. It's Not the First Time.

Francisco presented his Texas ID, a Social Security card, and a small copy of his birth certificate at a CBP checkpoint


What to Do If ICE Raids Your Workplace

We asked a lawyer what rights employers, colleagues, and undocumented workers have in the event of an ICE raid.


ICE Raids Are Coming to 9 Major Cities on Sunday. Here's What You Need to Know.

They're meant to target 2,000 undocumented immigrants who have received deportation orders but will likely result in “collateral” deportations


ICE Has Been Mining DMV Databases Using Facial Recognition for Years

"It’s an insane breach of trust," said one of the researchers who uncovered the cooperation.


Booker Says He’d Close All “Inhumane” Detention Centers on Day One of His Presidency

"When kids are being stripped away from their parents and held in cages, I will not wait for Congress to solve this crisis."


Democratic Candidates Just Agreed Undocumented Immigrants Should Get Healthcare

A shift to the left on a hot-button issue for the frontrunners.