Inside the Thought-Provoking Museum Protesting the War on Drugs

Portraits made from crystal meth and other exhibitions threw into sharp relief the true cost of an unjust system.


The Rise of Mexican Black Tar (Trailer)

Coming soon: VICE News travels to the remote mountains of Guerrero to follow the lucrative and destructive path of black tar heroin, from Mexico to the US.


The Golden Age of Drug Trafficking: How Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin Move Around the World

Just as globalization has changed the way the world does business, it's also changed the way the world manufactures, transports, and obtains illegal drugs. As a result, more people are getting high today than ever before.


As the US Is Awash in Painkillers, the Developing World Is in Dire Need of Them

Roughly 5.5 billion people — three quarters of the world's population — have insufficient or no access to morphine, codeine, and other controlled substances used for pain relief.


Everything You Need to Know About What Happened at the UN Drug Convention

What could have been a chance for the world to take a progressive approach to drugs ended up as a huge waste of time.


Jamaica Dropped the Mic on 4/20 and Told the UN to Get Its Act Together On Weed

Jamaica called for the UN to review the status of cannabis, questioning why the drug is still legally considered as dangerous as heroin under international law.


Inside a Clandestine Marijuana Workshop for Cancer Treatments in Mexico

Mexico's politicians are making nosies about legalizing medical marijuana in the future, but some Mexicans are not prepared to wait, and are learning how to cook up their own treatments in clandestine courses.


'It Is Impossible to Arrest Our Way Out of This Problem,' Canada Tells UN Drug Conference

Jane Philpott is in New York for the UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs. There, is she still wants to legalize marijuana at home, she has to convince the rest of the world that pot isn't so bad.


Marijuana Researchers Are Tired of Working With the US Government's Shitty Weed

The pot supplied by the US government to medical researchers is far less potent than what most Americans can buy from their local dealer or dispensary.


Weed and the UN: Why International Drug Laws Won't Stop Legalization

The international treaties that keep weed outlawed won't change after the UN’s drug summit, but the US, Uruguay, and others will still be able to legalize.


Portugal’s Example: What Happened After It Decriminalized All Drugs, From Weed to Heroin

As world leaders meet to consider the future of global drug policy at UNGASS, the UN's special session on drugs, they will look to Portugal as an example of what decriminalization can accomplish.


Mexico Will Never Win Its War on Drugs — But It's Going to Keep Fighting Anyway

Few countries have as clear an incentive as Mexico to seek alternatives to the hardline drug policies that have brought so much bloodshed, but there are also few signs that the government is interested in trying anything very different.