Church Rock, America’s Forgotten Nuclear Disaster, Is Still Poisoning Navajo Lands 40 Years Later

Residents say they've been ignored even as they struggle with contaminated water and worry about having children.


Iran Says It's Ready to Resume Making Weapons-Grade Uranium

Tehran warns Europe that unless Iran gets relief from U.S. sanctions, it will resume enriching uranium in violation of the nuclear deal.


Iran Says It Just Breached the Nuclear Deal's Limit on Enriched Uranium

The breach threatens to kill the 2015 nuclear deal, which the U.S. has already abandoned.


Iran Says It's 10 Days Away From Breaching the Nuclear Deal

Tehran warned Europe that unless the bloc can soften the blow of U.S. sanctions, it will start growing its stockpile of enriched uranium.


Grand Canyon Visitors May Have Been Exposed to Radiation For Years

A park safety manager reveals that three buckets of uranium ore were sitting in a museum storage basement, starting in 2000.


Why Trump allies are trying to make Uranium One the new Benghazi

The Trump administration may have found a distraction in a so-called scandal centered on the Russian government-controlled mining company Uranium One.


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Why Canada Is Selling Advanced Nuclear Reactors to China

Future reactors might be powered by thorium, a long-held nuclear dream.


Scientists Are Trying to Detect Enriched Uranium From Miles Away With Friggin' Lasers

It one day could be attached to a drone and used to discover covert uranium enrichment facilities.


Scientists Have Figured Out How Radioactive Your Brunch Is

A new study from researchers at North Carolina State University reveals how much radiation is emitted by everyday objects—including avocados and toast.


Waiting for Running Water (Excerpt from 'Contamination Nation')

In this excerpt, VICE News reporter Neha Shastry spends time with Ben Lewis, a former uranium miner who has been living without running water in his home on the reservation.