Untangling the 'Clinton Gave the Russians Uranium' Conspiracy Theory

A primer on the narrative being pushed by Donald Trump and right-wing media outlets.
Mark Hay
The Crown and Sceptre Issue

Plutonium in the Hills: How Do You Keep Nuclear Secrets Buried Forever?

Decades after the fall of Soviet Union, scientists are working to determine the lasting environmental effects of Soviet nuclear testing in Kazakhstan.

We Asked Two Experts if We Should Be Worried About the Islamic State Getting Nuclear Weapons

They told us that there's no reason to lose your shit about the prospect of terrorists getting "nukes" on the black market. But it would be possible for them to acquire some kinds of radioactive material.
Mark Hay

Uranium Minefield: Middle Men Are Bleeding Aboriginal Land Dry

The Australian Government has approved a new uranium mine on Indigenous land, despite ongoing investigations of corruption. While millions are being made in mining profits, some Indigenous landowners still live in poverty.
Jack Callil

Indigenous Canadians Are Fighting the Uranium Mining Industry

A group of remote northern Dene trappers are fighting to preserve some of their traditional land from exploitation.
Michael Toledano

How Worried Should We be About Moldova's Recent Uranium-Smuggling Bust?

The $2.1 million worth of uranium seized in a raid last week is only one of an exceptional number of nuclear-material thefts, losses, or smugglings recorded over the past two decades.
Mark Hay

Nuclear Hijacking Is More Common Than You Think

Last Monday morning, in a town north of Mexico City, six truck-jacking bandits accidentally stole pellets of cobalt-60—a highly dangerous radioactive material used for cancer treatment.
Alex Chitty

Is War Brewing in Niger?

The uranium-mining town of Arlit, Niger, is at the center of a potential conflict between American and French forces and the West African terrorists who want to expel the armies from the country for good. Understandably, all of this conflict is very...
Sophia Tewa

The VICE Podcast Show - Reihan Salam on Uranium in Iraq and the Second Amendment

'The VICE Podcast Show' is a weekly unedited discussion in which we go inside the minds of some of the most interesting, creative, and bizarre people we come across. This week, host Eddy Moretti talks to political commentator Reihan Salam about uranium...
Eddy Moretti

VICE on HBO: Congressman Jim McDermott on Depleted Uranium in Iraq

For VICE's upcoming piece on post-war Iraq, premiering on HBO tomorrow at 11 PM, we interviewed Congressman Jim McDermott of the Seventh District of Washington State. Congressman McDermott has been one of the only experts and advocates in the US...
VICE Staff

What Are the French Really Up to in Mali?

When it comes to going to war, it’s not too often we get to see France beat the US to the punch. But in the case of Mali, the troubled north African country with a serious jihadi problem, the French are playing the usual American role of global...
Ben Makuch