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‘Get a Mac’ Star John Hodgman Has Some Choice Words for Verizon's Former Pitchman

The actor discussed the TV turncoat on Tuesday's episode of VICELAND’s 'Desus & Mero.'
Sarah Bellman

The VICE Morning Bulletin

President Obama blames Republicans for Donald Trump, the feds announce a pilot program to track police violence, Boko Haram releases 21 schoolgirls, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Bernie Sanders Gave Striking Verizon Workers a Pep Talk

Sanders hung out with Verizon strikers in Brooklyn Wednesday, and also snagged an endorsement from the local union for subway workers ahead of the April 19 New York primary.
Helen Donahue

My Impossible Quest to Teach My Mom the Language of the iPhone

Sooner or later you have to start parenting your parents.
Tess Barker

Trolls Paid by a Telecom Lobbying Firm 
Keep Commenting on My Net Neutrality Articles

Have you ever read the comment section of a blog post or news article and thought: Damn, these trolls must be paid by someone? When it comes to enemies of a free and open internet, at least, they really are.
Lee Fang

The Judges Approving the NSA's Surveillance Requests Keep Buying Verizon Stock

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) is packed with judges who own stock in the telecom companies handing over data to the government.
Lee Fang

Net Neutrality Kabuki Theater: How Cable Companies Dominate the Debate

The comment period for the public to weigh in on an open internet ends today. But has the telecom industry already won?
Lee Fang

Cable Companies Are Astroturfing Fake Consumer Support to End Net Neutrality

The anti-net-neutrality group Broadband for America claims to be "a coalition of 300 internet consumer advocates, content providers, and engineers." After a little digging, VICE has discovered they are in fact a who's who of ISP industry presidents and...
Lee Fang