Vladimir Putin


Donald Trump Had a Very Weird Weekend at the G7 Summit

He announced trade deals with partners who then contradicted him, said he definitely wasn't surprised by a surprise arrival, and, of course, plugged his own golf course.


Everything We Know About Russia’s Nuclear “Skyfall” Missile and That Mysterious Explosion

The weapon once hailed by Russian President Vladimir Putin as “invincible” is suspected of causing one of the worst nuclear accidents since Chernobyl.


Putin Is Very Pissed Off at YouTube for Not Censoring "Illegal Mass Events"

The Kremlin is demanding that Google, which owns YouTube, do the government's dirty work and censor videos of protests in Moscow.


Russia Wants You to Admire Its Big, New “Hunter” Drone

Dubbed the S-70 “Okhotnik,” or “Hunter,” Russia’s first so-called heavy strike drone completed its maiden 20-minute flight without a hitch on Saturday, the Ministry claimed.


Over 15,000 Square Miles of Siberia Are on Fire and It's “a Global Ecological Catastrophe”

Some 46,000 square miles of Siberia have been destroyed, Arctic ice melt is accelerating, and the smoke is choking Russian cities.


Putin's Number One Critic May Have Been Poisoned After Organizing Pro-Democracy Protests

Alexei Navalny's doctor says he might have been deliberately exposed to a chemical agent while in jail.


It Sure Looks Like Italy’s Far-Right Ruling Party Tried to Take a Cash Infusion From Russia

Italian prosecutors are investigating after audio was released of a meeting between Russian officials and an aide to the Italian deputy PM.


Russia Is About to Tow its “Floating Chernobyl” Through the Arctic Circle

The plant’s two reactors sit atop a nearly 500-foot platform, which will be pulled by tugboats through the Northern Sea Route


This Reporter's Bogus Arrest Is Turning Into a Nightmare for Putin

“The reality is that Russia has horrible drug laws, and thousands of people are in jail on bogus drug charges.”


Kim Jong Un and Putin are about to take their relationship to the next level

The two world leaders could have their first meeting as early as next week.


Key Kremlin critic says Putin got away with murder in UK nerve agent attack

The U.K.’s response basically gave Putin a green light for more attacks, says activist Bill Browder.