Volume 21 Issue 5

The Profiles Issue

Inside Out

Do you ever wonder what it's like to be a pervy TSA agent, just scanning through endless bodies all day long? Or to have the ultimate clichéd superpower of X-ray vision? Well, it's time for a big reveal.
Nick Veasey
The Profiles Issue

Fucking Horrifying Basketball Blo-Files

LeBron, Shaquille, Kobe, McHale—all your favorite NBA stars sucking slimy alien cocks.
Johnny Ryan
The Profiles Issue

The Lost Tapes 3

The spring of 2000 was a different time. It was an age of innocence before George W. Bush destroyed humanity and before one could watch pornography on a cell phone in an airplane bathroom to calm in-flight nerves.
Chris Nieratko
The Profiles Issue

Sweet Love Organic eCig Flavors

Like many, I struggled with cigarette addiction. I would fill my spirit with smoke, ash, and tar, forever lying to myself that I was ready to quit.
Sean Tejaratchi
The Profiles Issue

How the Danish Legal System Gave Away Thomas Altheimer’s Identity

Although the <i>The Sovereign</i> presents Danish artist Thomas Altheimer as a fictional character, he is referred to by his full legal name. The text includes his actual home address, the names of his children, and passages from his blog and private...
Sam McPheeters
The Profiles Issue

Software Controls Every Aspect of Our Lives, So Why Do So Many Software Systems Fail?

We need to get better at coding.
Alex Ellefson
The Profiles Issue

People Reviews

In honor of <a href="http://www.vice.com/magazine/21/5 ">the Profiles Issue</a>, we decided to review musicians instead of music, like who has the best face and who is the worst person.
VICE Staff
The Profiles Issue

How a Hungarian Mayor Saved His Small Town from Environmental Catastrophe

On Toldi Tamás's first day as mayor of Devecser, Hungary, he woke up to a deluge of polluted red mud rapidly flowing through the streets, sweeping away buildings and severely burning the townspeople. The next year would be tough.
Sean Williams
The Profiles Issue

Khyentse Norbu Goes to Hollywood

When he was in film school, Khyentse Norbu wore pants. He liked to befriend people who didn’t believe in Buddhism. He liked to argue with them. He also liked that they didn’t treat him with any respect.
Amie Barrodale
The Profiles Issue

Why Cinema of Transgression Director Nick Zedd Stayed Underground

It was a freezing Saturday night in 2004, and Nick Zedd was pushing a shopping cart full of film reels to a cheesy Bulgarian-themed nightclub on the Lower East Side where he projected movies once a week.
Avi Davis
The Profiles Issue

Why Do Non-White Immigrants Face So Much Racism in South Korea?

Employers in the country are often casually, and openly, prejudiced.
Alexis K. Barnes
The Profiles Issue

The Profitable Economics of the Tattoo Removal Industry

Lasering ink off skin is now a booming business.
Justin Glawe