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Washington's Newly Signed Voting Rights Act Empowers Communities of Color

The state admitted to weakening Latino votes based on racist practices. Now, it's committed to change.
Kimberley Richards
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Yes, Most Americans Are Embarrassed by Trump, Poll Says

And 69 percent want him to quit it with the tweets.
River Donaghey

Regretful Trump Voters: 'I Don’t Understand How It Could Be Worse'

We talked to people who voted for Obama before backing Trump—and some are having doubts less than a year after the election.
David J. Dent
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Bernie Sanders Is the Most Popular Politician in America, Poll Says

The Vermont senator is the only national politician a majority of voters actually like, according to a new poll.
Drew Schwartz

The Voters Who Put Both Obama and Trump in the White House

In key swing states, Donald Trump appealed to some of the same voters who backed Barack Obama—and those voters said the most important thing was fighting against the way things were.
David J. Dent
daily vice

Meet the 21-Year-Old Hired by Republicans to Attract Black Voters

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' we sit down with Leah LeVell to ask her why she thinks Donald Trump is the best candidate for young African Americans.
VICE Staff
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New Poll Has Clinton Tied with Trump After Her Email Scandal

The FBI may not recommend an indictment following Clinton's email scandal, but the whole thing has definitely hurt her standing with the American people.
VICE Staff
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The Bernie Bros Guide to Voting for Hillary

For the Sanders revolution to survive, his fans have to accept that they weren't robbed—they just didn't have the numbers they needed to win.
Danny Baraz

Wolfgang Tillmans Launches a Powerful Pro-EU Campaign

The artist's 'EU Campaign' is a call for UK voters to register in order to have a say in their country's monumental decision.
Sami Emory
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The Strange Case of Rhode Island’s Voter-ID Law

In the only state where voter restrictions have been backed by a Democratic majority, residents are bracing themselves for long lines in Tuesday's presidential primary.
Spencer Woodman

How a Hacker Found The Personal Information of All Mexican Voters

A security researcher found a Mexican voter registration database of more than 100 gigabytes on Shodan.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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The New York Primary Has Been a Chaotic Mess

After reports of purged voter rolls, broken voting machines, and closed polling stations, officials have vowed to investigate what went wrong in New York's primary elections.
VICE Staff