water scarcity


This Is What a City Without Drinking Water Looks Like

A dying river and a legal dispute between two states have left the residents of Delhi water-strapped for years.


This US City’s Move to Divert Great Lakes Drinking Water Is Just the Beginning

It's the first request of its kind. More will come.


The Fight Over Who Gets Clean Drinking Water From the Great Lakes

One US town has contaminated water. Environmentalists and some Great Lakes communities say, you can’t have ours.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Trump threatens to sue Cruz over attack adverts, Syrian schools and hospitals are 'war crimes' say France and Turkey, Taylor Swift takes a swipe at Kanye at the Grammys, and more.


These Nations Are About to Start Running Out of Water

The World Resources Institute says 33 nations are likely to face extreme water scarcity by 2040 because of climate change and growing populations.


Water Scarcity Is Helping Radicalize the Middle East

Militant and extremist groups exploit the region's escalating water shortage to gain power, loyalty, and legitimacy.


Acute Water Shortage Leads to State of Emergency in the Maldives

Several countries are transporting water and other aid to the Indian Ocean nation, but climate change could prove to be its greatest long-term challenge.


Documenting the Vanishing Rio Grande

Colin McDonald is traveling the entire 1,900-mile length of the river, talking to people whose livelihoods depend on it and raising awareness about why the river is in decline.


India's Notorious Armed Bandits Force Villagers to Bring Them Water

Residents from 28 villages in northern India are carrying 35 buckets a day to the thugs' forest hideouts amid severe drought conditions.