Wayback Machine


This 20-Year-Old Is Archiving Thousands of Flash Banner Ads From the Early 2000s

He's saved 4 gigabytes of ads so you can relive the old days of online casino and Lower My Bills ads.


Motherboard Made a Bot That Archives Tweets on Demand

In an age of governments, organizations, and individuals sometimes deleting important information from Twitter, @archive_tweet may make it easier to preserve a particular tweet, and then share those mirrors with other people.


Motherboard Made a Tool That Archives Websites on Demand

mass_archive, a Python script, will push a webpage or URL to multiple archive services at once, hopefully making online journalism or research a bit more efficient.


The Million Dollar Homepage is a Million Dollar Graveyard

A 2005 web experiment speaks to the difficulty of archiving the web.


Canada's Supreme Court Is Preserving Every Website Mentioned In Its Rulings

The country’s top court is publicly archiving every single hyperlink in its decisions, so they aren’t lost.


This Site Lets You Browse the Web Like a Real Human Person From the 90s

Old Web Today lets you browse the early web in the most authentic way possible.


We Dug Up Old Canadian Political Websites, and They’re Glorious

1996 was a simpler time: the information superhighway was but a dirt road and politicians were already trying to get your email address.