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Birth Control Pills Might Be Making Teens Depressed

The pill is an amazing feat of medicine, but it's shocking that science doesn’t really know how hormones affect developing brains.


This Tiny Period Cramp Device Is Scamming Women Out of Money

Livia raised $1.7 million via crowdfunding and offered generous money-back guarantees, only to ignore customers and delete their comments when they complained.


Being a Loud Woman Is Great for Your Health

Poor cardiovascular function is just one symptom linked to women’s "self-silencing."


We're on the Verge of a Devastating OB-GYN Shortage

A new study identifies which cities will feel it the most.


Apple Is Pushing a 'Birth Control' App That Has Led to Unwanted Pregnancies

The Natural Cycles app, which is features in Apple's own "Health" app, relies on a birth control practice that's far less effective than other common methods.


Clinics Are Facing an Impossible Choice Because of Trump's 'Gag Rule'

Family planning clinics that take Title X funding are banned from referring patients for abortions.


I Should Be Allowed to Leave Men Out of My Studies

There’s a much-needed push for gender equality in science, but the government's inclusion mandates can backfire.


The Supreme Court Won’t Bring Back an Alabama Abortion Ban

It’s a signal that the justices won’t leap at just any chance to carve away at Roe v. Wade


Missouri's Senate Just Passed Near-Total Abortion Ban with No Exception for Rape or Incest

So far this session, 14 bills that ban abortion in some way have been enacted.


What's Behind the New Wave of Six-Week Abortion Bans

Unconstitutional six-week abortion bans have swept Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, and Georgia—a new phase of the ongoing efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade.


When Will the US Protect Black Women From Dying in Childbirth?

Across the United States, politicians are taking steps toward enacting legislation that reduces racist bias against pregnant Black women and infants. But there's still a challenging journey ahead.


South Korea Is Lifting Its 66-Year-Old Ban on Abortions

In a landmark ruling, a South Korean court has ordered lawmakers to revise the ban by the end of 2020.