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From the New Xbox to a FromSoft Open World Game, Our Wildest E3 2019 Predictions

What if FromSoft made Dragon's Dogma 3? We can dream can't we?


It's 2012 All Over Again: We've Got 'Dragon's Dogma' Fever

There's also that PlayStation 5 stuff?


Sony Reveals First Details on PlayStation 5

The company is promising lightning-fast loading times, thanks to a built-in SSD, the ability to output 8K graphics, and more. As for games? We'll have to wait.


The Best Parts of 'Forza Horizon 4' Have Nothing to Do with Racing

You can play 'Forza Horizon 4' like a racing game, but it shines as a driving simulator that lets you unleash your inner maniac.


'Celeste,' the Ultra Hard Platformer That Also Wants to Give You a Hug

Not many games about death feel this warm, inviting, and playful. It's also very fun to play.


Xbox Is Making the Netflix of Games, But It's Missing One Thing: More Games

With Xbox One X now launched, hopefully Microsoft can turn its attention to an equally interesting lineup of games.


Don't Spend Money on 'PUBG' for Xbox One Yet

Yes, it's 'PUBG' on Xbox, but one with a wildly unstable frame rate and odd control decisions.


We Discuss Developer Harassment, Xbox One X, And More on Waypoint Radio

Oh, and please don’t be a milkshake duck, chillout_man.


‘Super Lucky’s Tale’ Deserves Better Than Dying Under Mario’s Shadow

Microsoft’s platformer isn’t as splashy as 'Odyssey,' but it’s well-made and charming.


Here's All the Gamescom News and Trailers You Missed This Weekend

From 'Final Fantasy XV' coming to PC to an extremely boring Xbox press conference, there was, in fact, video game news.


'Crackdown 3' Delayed Yet Again, Not Arriving Until Spring 2018

One of Xbox One's biggest games this fall won't arrive until next year.


'Dragon's Dogma,' a Great Game No One Played, Hits Xbox, PS4 on October 3

Don't be one of those people. Be like Austin and Patrick: play 'Dragon's Dogma.'