The German Synagogue Shooter's Twitch Video Didn't Go Viral. Here's Why.

Wednesday's shooting was the first big test of Big Tech’s new alliance to defend against viral violence.


Watching This Grandma Make Mole Is the Comfort Food I Crave

Angela, a tiny abuelita, has become a bona fide YouTube star and racked up more than 1.3 million followers in just one month.


How Teachers Are Fighting the White Nationalists Brainwashing Their Students

“This will get worse before it gets better.”


PewDiePie's Fans Shamed Him Into Not Donating $50,000 to a Jewish Anti-Hate Group

The YouTube star had previously come under fire for getting praise from white nationalists and the alt-right.


A YouTuber Scammed His Way Onto a Food Delivery Site With Microwaved Meals

After Josh Pieters got the fake restaurant "The Italian Stallion" onto Deliveroo, his microwaved meals were actually delivered to customers.


I Watch Serena Williams Work Her Ass Off to Do Literally Any of My Own Work

If she can win 23 Grand Slam titles, perhaps I can sit down to write, say, 1,000 words.


Infowars Returns to YouTube After CEO Said It Will Allow ‘Offensive’ Content [Updated]

"A commitment to openness is not easy. It sometimes means leaving up content that is outside the mainstream, controversial, or even offensive," YouTube's CEO said.


When Vegan Influencers Quit Being Vegan, the Backlash Can Be Brutal

Popular YouTubers like Rawvana and Bonny Rebecca gave up veganism to save their health. But the fallout from their fans has been immense.


YouTube Just Banned the Racist Blog that Popped Up in DOJ Emails

A fringe anti-immigrant site has been linked in some recent DOJ email blasts.


I'm a Celebrity... Get Me on YouTube!

Over the past 20 or so months, some of the biggest stars in the world have turned to something people do to get famous in the first place: vlogging.


Paranormal Filmmakers Are Skipping Streaming and Publishing Straight to YouTube

Top filmmakers say their work is sanitized by television and Netflix, so they're finding massive audiences on YouTube instead.


Google Agrees to Meet with YouTubers Union Right Before Deadline

After 28 days, YouTube has agreed to meet with the YouTubers Union to discuss 'the future of work' but refuses to negotiate demands.