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Tangled Up in Bling: Here's Jimmy Fallon Doing Drake in the Style of Bob Dylan

If your dad didn't like "Hotline Bling" before, he might do now.

Since Drake's "Hotline Bling" blew up over the summer, it has taken many forms. There was Fuego's Spanish do-over, which some people argued was even better than the original; Erykah Badu released a glorious seven minute remix featuring her kid 7 Benjamin; even Sufjan Stevens – perhaps the Drake of the multi-instrumentalist world – had a crack at it live. There were also some other related events, like the Donald Trump thing, that we won't speak of here.


Now, thanks to The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, we have Jimmy Fallon doing his Bob Dylan routine, whilst doing "Hotline Bling". It's quite a convincing impression actually, even if it is approximately three months after the joke peaked. Sort of riffing on the style of "Rolling Stone", it's quite pleasant hearing Drizzy's "youuu" channelled through Dylan's nasal country drawl. There's a harmonica solo, and other real instruments – basically if your parents didn't like "Hotline Bling" before then they might now. It's better than that Christmas single real life Bob Dylan released a few years back at any rate.

Watch below.