Holy Shit

Billy Corgan Defends the KKK's Free Speech and Blames Music Pirating on the Government on Info Wars

Look at the 'fit!
Craig Jenkins
Internet Exploring

Jennifer Lopez, Cats Boning, and Other Weird Shit Musicians Keep Faving on Twitter

I’m genuinely convinced they don’t realize we can actually see all this.
Daisy Jones

We Interviewed a Bunch of Black Metal Cats; Yes, Actual Cats

"I have been waiting more than one thousand years, now it is time to rule with chaos."
Tina Haver Currin

Watch Doe Be Punk in a Park and Cuddle Cats in Their New Video for "This Isn't Home"

A cross between something that would've been on loop on the P-Rock channel and something Daria would have kept in her CD changer.
Emma Garland
Holy Shit

Purrpare Yourself: Run the Jewels Just Released 'Meow the Jewels'

Listen to it right meow.
Kyle Kramer

How Do You Know If Your Pet Is a Pervert?

I called a cat specialist to try understand why my cat was toilet, nudity, and sex obsessed.
Wendy Syfret

Could 'Catios,' a.k.a. 'Cat Patios' Prevent Cats from Destroying the Planet?

It might sound like something out of "Portlandia," but advocates say these enclosures can prevent cats from killing birds en masse.
Leah Sottile
VICE vs Video games

Science Says It’s OK to Be Addicted to the Cat-Collection Game ‘Neko Atsume’

Hit-Point's do-very-little mobile title 'Neko Atsume' has got me and my friends hooked, so I asked a doctor to explain why.
Allegra Ringo
Holy Shit

Run the Jewels Shares "Meowrly" Off The Upcoming Cat Sounds Remix Album 'Meow the Jewels'

It's really happening!
Craig Jenkins
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Someone Finally Solved That Problem Where Your Cat's Asshole Doesn't Have Jewelry on It

The folks at Twinkle Tush will sell you a rhinestone to put on your cat's ass.
Mike Pearl
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Demon Cat from Hell Is Terrorizing an Entire New York Neighborhood

One family has become so scared that they only feel safe hiding out in their swimming pool, where the cat can't reach them.
River Donaghey

LA's First-Ever CatCon Was Adorable and Kind of Scary

There were celebrity cats on view, expensive cat-furniture for sale, and tons of cat memes turned into consumer products.
VICE Staff