Er Veronika Katinkas bog et mediestunt eller seriøs litteratur?

Den fiktive digter Veronika Katinka fra Den Korte Radioavis udgiver en digtroman. Vi spurgte kvinden bag satire-karakteren, om man er til grin, hvis man tager hendes bog seriøst.


Kirstine har startet en sorggruppe for unge, der har brudt med deres forældre

Kirstine cuttede kontakten til faren, fordi det var det eneste rigtige for hende. Nu har hun lavet et fællesskab for andre i samme situation.


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A Brief History of American Payola

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How Should We Measure Rap Success in 2015?

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Listen to Santigold's New Song "Radio" from the 'Paper Towns' Soundtrack

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Are Nickelback Being Huge Dicks to Their Fans in Their New Video?

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Sarah Koenig Says the New Season of 'Serial' Is Coming This Fall

With a third season to follow in spring 2016.


Ten Killer Music Docs to Watch Out for in 2015: Kurt Cobain, The Damned, Billy Anderson, and More

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VICE After Dark with John Lurie - Episode 3

It's the third episode of VICE After Dark with John Lurie. Tonight's show is all about getting in over your head. Biting off more than you can chew. Everyone does it, and it often leads to crippling embarrassment.