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Madonna Played a Surprise Acoustic Show on the Streets of Paris Last Night

After her sold-out show at the Bercy arena she performed three songs at the Place de la République - a site of tributes to 130 people who died in the terrorist attack on November 13.


Bitch, You're Madonna. We Get It Already.

Here is the ridiculous video for "Bitch, I'm Madonna."


The Reactions to That Madonna Kiss Back up Shitty Ageist Misconceptions About How Men Mature but Women Decay

You won’t find Pharrell (42), Jay Z (45), David Guetta (47), Brian Ferry (69), or Keith Richards (71) kicking up a stink about age discrimination.


Bitch, I'm Madonna: "I Want to Live Forever and I'm Going to"

We sat down with the pop pioneer to talk sexism and motherhood, the search for love, the magic of Miley, and the viability of dating Drake.