Travis Scott Played "Goosebumps" 14 Times in a Row To Break a World Record

It had previously been held by Kanye and Jay Z.
May 17, 2017, 2:47pm

Clearly keen to best his career highlight of falling in a hole, last Friday (May 12), at a show in Oklahoma City, Travis Scott decided that he would make a challenge on the world record for the song played live most times in a row, with "Goosebumps." Because, you know, why not and stuff.

In typical Travis Scott fashion, he also made an extremely stylish video documenting his successful attempt, which resulted in him playing the song fourteen times to a crowd which really does not seem to tire, such is the power of "Goosebumps." You can watch that above.

The record was previously held by Kanye West and Jay Z, who famously played "Niggas in Paris" twelve times in succession in Paris in 2012. Until now their record was safe, but Travis has now ended their five-year tenure.

Kind of interested as to where this could go next. The number of times songs will have to be played can only increase exponentially. Will future teens have to sit through entire symphony-length performances so future rappers can have a bunch of news stories like this one written about them and for very little other discernible reason? I mean, realistically, yes, probably.

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(Image via YouTube)