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What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week 3/1

Willow Smith is totally health goth.
March 1, 2015, 3:00pm

In this weekly roundup, we take stock of what musicians were wearing and sharing on Instagram.

Yes, she’s only 14 and her family seem to be embroiled in some kind of unique, math-related cult, but Willow Smith is still cooler than the rest of us. Case in point: your teen goth phase probably expressed itself through badly applied $6 lipstick in ‘Midnight’, and a tendency to sob at family dinners because, like, no one understands you. Willow Smith’s, on the other hand, has culminated in one of the most banging outfits of the decade, with extra points for rebelling against herself by cutting her hair so she can whip it neither back nor forth. I’ll join your cult, Willow. Wherever you’re going, take me with you.

Demotix, according to their website landing page, is the home of ‘World Leading Photojournalism’. Clearly it’s not the home of world leading proofreaders, as this photo of someone who is not the London producer/ performer Ghostpoet shows. Also, guys, it’s ‘Ghostpoet’, not ‘Ghost Poet’. Seems like the team over at Demotix might benefit from reading this.

This Jane-Birkin-obsessed British singer-songwriter’s Instagram is a haven from the noise of the Internet. Add her if you long for a world that is all grainy photos of flowers and old Hollywood, and the occasional adorable update about spring.

Although I am aware that Tegan and Sara performed ‘Everything is Awesome’ at the Oscars this year, there’s a part of me that wants to pretend this picture is about their abnormally cute kitty going to a kitty Oscars, and picking up a little souvenir kitty Oscars statuette. If you think about it, you probably want that too.

Do you mean 'performing at the Academy Awards’? Or do you mean ‘arriving dateless with your bros to prom’? Cause the caption says one thing but the photo says another.

I tend to use this column to troll Madonna and her dodgy social media antics, but I’ve got to stand with her and JK Rowling on this one. Not only did her unintentional public backflip during her Brit Awards performance add some much needed drama to an otherwise uneventful ceremony, but, like the pro she is, she kept the show going. Plus, unlike Justin Bieber, Britney, Selena Gomez, and multiple other pop artists who have been caught lip syncing when something went wrong onstage, she was actually singing when she fell. Madonna is hardcore. Let's not forget that.

Some years ago, Elizabeth Sankey of Summer Camp introduced me to a trilogy of books by Lev Grossman that are kind of a ironic, urbanized Harry Potter. In these books, a group of characters travel to a magical land called Fillory, accessed via an timeless system of fountains in between parallel universes. Why am I telling you this? Because now you know what Fillory is, YOU CAN BE BEST FRIENDS WITH ELIZABETH! You’re welcome. Make sure to ask her to make you cookies.

1,600 hours of embroidery feels like a lot of embroidery, but I guess it takes time to sew an oversized Oscar statue so it looks like it’s bursting, _Alien_-style, out of Lady Gaga’s torso.

I was going to stop posting photos from MIA’s Instagram, but then she put this up. May I draw your attention to the little cartoon cat thing on her sock, the incredible, Rorschach sexiness of the twin orchid plants, and levels of marble usually only seen in the homes of assassinated oligarchs. MIA universe is my Fillory. Just saying.

That is not a sensible place to keep your Academy Award, though it's nice to see I’m not the only person who prefers sleeping on the sofa. Good ‘yawn’ acting as well. Maybe next year it's ‘Best Actor’ for Common.

Finally, an extra sour bubblegum that not only uses animal testicles as a marketing tool, but is also gluten-free. Now celiacs and people who, like me, have read Goop and think they might be allergic to gluten 'cause like that time I got a pimple, can enjoy Camel Balls too.

When travelling to New York, Yung Lean’s checklist includes a thousand dollars in cash, ladies deodorant, an anime backpack, and liquid pharmaceuticals. I can only imagine the messed up dreams he’ll be having on that flight. Bet he watches Frozen.

Florence Welch's outfit looks so fuzzy in this picture that I want to rub my face on her jacket, and roll myself up in her plush velvet flares, then take her as my date to the Kitty Oscars. I don't think that’s too much to ask.

Janelle Monae’s been rocking and owning the very large hat trend recently, having been pictured multiple times in this big black number which makes her look either like the contents of an oyster, or like someone who is being pulled backwards into a wormhole. Which is not to say it isn’t chic.

Emma-Lee Moss is on Instagram, obviously.