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Fibonacci Sequence Makes "Perfect" Celebrity Portraits

Jack Nicholson's face was made for the Golden Ratio.
Jack Nicholson. Images courtesy the artist

Familiar faces get a mathematical twist in web designer Igor Kochmala's Fibonacci Sequence-based photo series, Dr. Fibonazi's Plastic Surgery Clinic. Like a digital plastic surgeon, Kochmala warps the visages of celebrities like Jack Nicholson, Bryan Cranston, and Nicolas Cage in the exponential pattern of the "Golden Ratio," which scientists have found in plants, hurricanes, and the spiral arms of galaxies. While the results aren't as beautiful as cosmic phenomena, for some they might be just as awe-inspiring.


Kochmala's experiments originated in a homework assignment at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, originally applying the twisted modifications to sites like and Buzzfeed. "Then I thought it would be funny to apply the 'golden ratio shell' directly on someone's face," he tells The Creators Project. "Then the idea of a "crazy doctor" came up." Thus Dr. Fibonacci was born, and Reddit's Nic Cage-devote r/OneTrueGod forum gets to see this:

Nicolas Cage

Bryan Cranston

Aaron Paul

The Mona Lisa

Sylvester Stallone

See more of Igor Kochmala's work on his website.


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