Hacking Fear Prompts CRA to Pull Tax Services


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Hacking Fear Prompts CRA to Pull Tax Services

Now you have a legitimate excuse to why you haven’t filed your taxes.

The Canadian Revenue Agency website, (you know, the one that you have to file your taxes to) have pulled its most important services.

The services have been down since Friday and the outage is indefinite—which, for those wanting to complete their taxes on time (April 30th,) is a little bit of a bummer. On an update published to the website the agency stated that they pulled their services after becoming aware of an "internet vulnerability."


"Upon becoming aware of an internet vulnerability that affects some computer servers used by websites worldwide, we took down our online services, including electronic filing, and are taking steps to ensure that all information and systems remain safe," reads the update.

"At this time, we are not aware that any personal information has been affected; however, we continue to assess and remedy the situation."

The update states that ensuring "personal information is not compromised" is of the utmost importance to the CRA. The services that have been pulled by the agency are  "My Account," "My Business Account," "Netfile," and, most importantly "EFILE."

The agency is keeping mum about what the vulnerability is but are promising updates "as soon as they become available." The website still allows people to file their taxes but, at the moment, you cannot submit them.

The agency doesn't know when the website will be back online and will consider allowing some late returns if the outage goes long, which, for you tardy bastards out there, is probably pretty helpful.

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