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You Can Finally Win an Award for Your Tommy Wiseau Impression

A24 is giving away a Tommy Award to the best fan recreation of a scene from 'The Room.'

If you're a die-hard fan of The Room, it looks like all those years spent greeting dogs and announcing your drunkenness at parties in a flawless Tommy Wiseau impression may finally pay off.

In honor of the upcoming release of The Disaster ArtistJames Franco's movie about the making of the best bad movie ever—A24 is holding a contest for the best fan recreation of a scene from the original film. All you have to do is upload a video of your reenactment online with the hashtag #ImADisasterArtist for a chance to win. There's a catch, though: You have to perform the scene in a public space, just like Tommy and Greg.


The best video will receive a Tommy Award, which is basically an Oscar except it looks like Tommy Wiseau, clenched fists and all, as well as a private screening of The Disaster Artist in the winner's hometown.

From the looks of the entries so far, people are leaning pretty hard on classic Wiseau scenes like "I did not hit her," "you're tearing me apart," and (spoiler alert) the suicide. Even the kid from The Florida Project gave it a shot, though the contest isn't exactly about buying the perfect Tommy wig. Entries can recreate any scene from the movie, so if you'd rather act out the breast cancer moment or channel your inner Denny, go for it.

A24 and Disaster Artist producers—including James Franco and Seth Rogan—will judge the entires and pick the winner "on the basis of audacity and originality," according to the official rules. While only one lucky fan will take home the Tommy statue, ten runners-up will win "prize packs," which include a tuxedo shirt, a football, pins, and a headshot signed by James Franco.

You can upload a video on Twitter or Instagram from now until Friday, November 24, and winners to be announced on the 27th. Time to get filming—don't be a chicken, cheep cheep cheep.

Check out some of the entries that have already been posted below: