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Relieve Your Halcyon Days with this 2007 Indie Club Classics Playlist

Here are the songs that soundtracked Coogi cardigans and pill shelving (probably).

This is a continuation of our popular series of 2000s pre-drinks playlists. Check out the previous editions, 2009 Electro Pop and Sleazy Mid-2000s Dance Singles.

The year was 2007. Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" was number one on the Aria charts for some reason (perhaps an incredibly complex joke that took meticulous planning and awe-inspiring cooperation?), and The Simpsons Movie was disappointing people the world over. We met the iPhone and Seth Rogen, and said goodbye to Harry Potter. And without question, most importantly, do not fight me on this: Daft Punk toured the world with their show "Alive 2007" and released it as a record and it changed lives.


Pre-drinks probably featured pill "shelving" and Coogi cardigans. Nose rings and ironic t-shirts with slogans on them like "D.A.R.E… TO KEEP KIDS OFF DRUGS". Higher learning by day, DJing by night. What a time to be alive*.

*I say that about every era because I truly believe it.

1. Digitalism—"Pogo"

This is a Jumping Around and Flipping Your Hair About song. Other Jumping Around and Flipping Your Hair About songs include "Song 2" by Blur and "I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor" by Arctic Monkeys.

2. The Bumblebeez—"Dr Love"

Not sure what's going on in this here video but this song is like the sound of the acid kicking in.

Side note: my sister got her license around the time this song came out and we were listening to it so loud once that she forgot how to drive and ended up accidentally turning into oncoming traffic. Don't worry—no 18-year-old chicks in neon tights and geometric dresses were harmed in the making of that story (unfortunately).

3. M.I.A.—"Paper Planes"

M.I.A.'s got to be the coolest person currently living on Earth. That being said if I was given the chance to delete this song from the global social consciousness I absolutely would because if I have to see one more midnight pub full of drunk, white idiots shooting their finger guns in the air and killing themselves laughing at the sheer ingenuity of it all I will fucking flip.

4. Klaxons—"Golden Skans"

How's the "loud colors, glitter, ancient cultures and their iconography with a bit of cosmic shit sprinkled in" vibe of the whole thing? Do you love it?


5. Cut Copy—"Hearts on Fire"

This is the sound of me getting a fake ID.

6. Hot Chip—"Ready for the Floor"

For some reason Hot Chip are like the Napoleon Dynamite of music to me.

7. PNAU—"Baby"


(Good song but.)

8. The Presets—"My People"

This is scary. In a good way, though. Like Marylin Manson.

9. MSTRKRFT—"Work on You"

Now this is a video. A sexy cartoon android living in some faraway, post-apocalyptic world is plagued by desperate loneliness and builds himself a sexy android girlfriend and they fight crime, disco dance, and live dangerously together.

10. Uffie—"Ready to Uff"

Just try imagine your reaction if this was released now. Seriously. Just try it. Unfathomable.

11. Justice—"D.A.N.C.E"

I don't think I'm alone in saying that I genuinely thought the lyrics to this were "catching all the lice" and simply did not question that.

12. Chromeo—"Bonafied Lovin"

As a feminist this song is generally offensive to me in its content but God damn if I'm not loving that synth something sick.

13. Midnight Juggernauts—"Tombstone"

Jesus. What I would pay to see myself on the dance floor, 1 AM at some horrible club night, yell-singing this song with the confidence of the Midnight Juggernauts themselves and getting every single word wrong.

14. Daft Punk—"Around The World/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"

I don't even know what to say. I have goosebumps. Hold my calls, I'm off to listen to this whole thing.