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Ableton Releases Free Browser-Based Collaborative Music App for the Holidays

With Little Drummer Toy, you can easily co-write a holiday jingle in real time.

"A couple of rogue elves within the Ableton workshop have been busy working on a stocking stuffer for music makers," writes the Berlin-based music software company in a recent blog post on their website. The gift in question is Little Drummer Toy, an easy-to-use, real-time composition app lets you produce a track in real time with someone else in the world. Although it forces you to work within pre-defined parameters—you're more or less improvising within the existing template of a melancholy holiday jingle—it's still pretty cool, especially in its anonymous collaboration aspect.


It's live now; give it a spin yourself here. If you still feel like making browser-based jams afterward, give that online Roland TR-909 drum machine another go, too.

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