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Get Trapped Inside Djeff's Mesmerizing Ultraviolet Light Web

This interactive installation immerses the audience in a bewitching spider trap.

French artist Djeff manipulates our perceptions through his installations, questioning the anxiety provoked by technology. His latest work Black Widow, currently on dispaly at the Fondation Vasarely, is composed of woven threads that join at a nexus point, forming a canvas whose depth grabs the eye and mesmerizes the audience. Framed by four black neon lights, the installation interacts with the visitor through motion sensors.


At the center of this “web” is a bulb which faces you like a spider watching its prey. Soft at first, the light intensifies at your arrival before revealing the entire canvas in which you are now trapped. A few seconds later, the light goes off and the adventure stops, thus freeing you from an arachnophobic nightmare. The limited duration of this experiment seeks to prompt reflection on our consumption, and more specifically on planned obsolescence.

Check out a few images of the installation below:

Photos courtesy of Djeff.