Watch a Man Prank a City Councillor Into Calling Him ‘Jackin Daddyoff’

Is "Jackin Daddyoff on the line?” the Vancouver councillor repeats before the caller launches into a bizarre spiel about martial arts.
Manisha Krishnan
Toronto, CA
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Vancouver City Councillor Pete Fry repeatedly said "Jackin Daddyoff" in a public hearing Tuesday. Screenshot via City of Vancouver/YouTube

Pulling off an immature but timeless prank, a man called into a city council hearing and gave the fake name “Jackin Daddyoff,” which was then repeated several times by a city councillor. 

As first reported by Daily Hive, Vancouver City Council was discussing a rezoning application for a proposed housing development Tuesday evening when it opened up the hearing to questions from the public. 


“We’re gonna now hear from the public starting with speaker number 1, Jackin Daddyoff. Jackin Daddyoff on the line?” says Councillor Pete Fry in a clip posted on Twitter. After a 15-second delay, during which we can only assume the caller was laughing on mute, Fry repeats, “Speaker number 1, Jackin Daddyoff.” 

After a few more seconds and an additional prompt, the caller launches into a NIMBY-esque spiel. 

“Hey, my name’s Jackin Daddyoff. I’m from Vancouver and I big time oppose this re-zoning. I big time oppose the heck out of it,” he says. 

He goes on to say he trains in martial arts at a dojo that could be affected by construction. He also laments that the traffic and noise will “totally disrupt [his] vibe.” 

“I’m extremely disciplined and I only use my fists for defence. I can defend myself against anyone at this point. It would not even be fair for me to use them on offence; they are deadly weapons,” he says in a serious voice. 

“I have a bear inside me and I need to discipline of martial arts to keep him at bay.” 

The caller continues to sound off for another couple minutes, referencing his sensei who has seen him “through two divorces, [his] anger management course, bankruptcy, and of course, COVID.” He also offers up the fact that he’s cheated on women and his taxes. 

After he rants for nearly three minutes, Fry, seemingly unaware this is a prank, interrupts and asks him to focus on issues related to the development. 


The caller finishes off somewhat weakly, reiterating the concerns about traffic and saying he doesn’t know what he would do if the development went ahead. 

“OK, thanks,” says Fry. 

After a couple more rants, Fry instructed callers to stick to the matter at hand. 

“We do have a pretty busy schedule and… it’s not open mic night at the comedy club,” he said. 

Fry told VICE World News the caller is a local comedian who’s pranked city council a few times. On this script, he said the man’s name was spelled Jack Indadioff.

“I didn’t even catch the name double-entendre until he started his subsequent Cobra Kai–inspired rant, I googled him and had a bit of a d’oh! moment,” Fry said.

“We have to listen to a variety of thoughts, concerns, angst, and opinion—it’s certainly nice to break it up with a few laughs. Though we wouldn’t want to make a habit of it.”  

Council went on to approve the rezoning application. 

This story has been updated to include comment from Councillor Pete Fry.

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