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This Guy Made a Computer Mouse That Is Itself a Computer

It doesn’t have the best UI, but it is a pretty creative take on a laptop.

A YouTube user who goes by Electronic Grenade has pushed frontiers of mobile computing to absurd limits by designing a computer mouse that is also a functional laptop.

As detailed in a video published on Sunday, the computer mouse computer consists of a 3d-printed mouse, a Raspberry Pi microcontroller, a small keyboard, and a handful of components that were taken from a normal computer mouse.

“Even though the screen is attached to the mouse, the sensitivity of the mouse makes it not that hard to follow along with what is happening on the screen,” Electronic Grenade said in the video.

Nevertheless, the mouse does have its faults. According to Electronic Grenade, a few resource intensive applications will occasionally cause the mouse computer to crash. The retractable keyboard also seems like a recipe for carpal tunnel.

“Typing on the tiny keyboard isn’t as bad as it seems,” Electronic Grenade said. “But it is kind of tricky considering the keys are small and crammed together and you have to have your hand in a very uncomfortable position.” Although it’s unlikely that Electronic Grenade’s mouse computer will win any design awards, it’s still a lot easier on the eyes than all the ugly laptops that premiered at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.