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Shit... The xx Have Released a 55 Second Long Song That Sounds Like Valium Feels

...or at least a 55 second snippet of one.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Sensitive indie chillwave fans rejoice – The xx are finally making a return, and it seems like they may well have released the first snippet of new material since their last record, released in 2012. The musicians behind Coexist, otherwise known as the album your ex-boyfriend always used to put on to erm, "set the mood," have been recording its follow-up in recent weeks. Last month, they shared a playlist of music they've been listening to in the studio (everyone from Cat Power to Rihanna, if you're interested), and have since updated it to include an uncredited 55-second clip which, if you ask me, sounds suspiciously like it might form part of a new xx song. The snippet opens with just a hint of Romy Madley Croft's recognisable-anywhere vocal, and instrumentally it's as sweeping and atmospheric as anything we've heard previously from the London group. Following such a long absence, expectations for new xx music are high, so judge for yourself: you can listen to the snippet below.


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