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Portable Uses Sign Language to Lament Earth's Disintegration in Latest Video

“Say It’s Going To Change” is off the South African producer’s forthcoming LP, ‘Alan Abrahams.”

Veteran South African producer, Portable, has shared the contemplative, dispirited video for "Say It's Going To Change," the first official single off his forthcoming Alan Abrahams album. In the self-directed clip, we find Abrahams in isolation against an arid desert climate—which he tells us via email is the volcanic Lanzarote island in the Canaries—singing the song in sign language, lamenting disintegrating social relations and an earth unnaturally divided by human imposition.


"I decided to film 'Say It's Going To Change' on the Spanish island of Lanzarote because of its volcanic terrain, and its desolate landscape," Portable told THUMP. "One gets a kind of sense of being on another planet, after some kind of war or global warming disaster, and I thought that fits perfectly with the theme of the song."

Portable's "Moving, Trains & You" is the deep, dusky, and spectral closing track of his recent EP designed for Lovers & Players. Acclaimed German selector DJ Koze also did a special edit of the producer's delicately lithe "Surrender" for his DJ-Kicks mix last year.

Alan Abrahams will be out August 19 on !K7 and is available for preorder here.