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Stunning CGI Imagines Humans with Patterned Skin

Kouhei Nakama's 'DIFFUSION' features the type of camouflage that hypnotizes you into thinking it's safe.
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"Why don't humans have patterned texture like animals?" director Kouhei Nakama asks with DIFFUSION, a stunning new computer-generated short film-cum-texture experiment. "Humans will be able to get it," they answer. With such little description, you'd hope Nakama's piece would speak for itself, and it does—in a big way. Shiny scleras descend on the skin of a female figure, echoing both the living art of Coral Morphologic and the bacteria infested bodices of Neri Oxman. According to r/cellular_automata, these are reaction-diffusion models, systems devised to simulate biological processes in mathematical testing. What's astounding, then, is their resulting ability to feel at once natural as they do extraterrestrial.


Watch Kouhei Nakama's DIFFUSION below:

DIFFUSION from Kouhei Nakama on Vimeo.

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