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'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks Deported from the UK

The 32-year-old viral star arrived in London for a string of modelling jobs, but was turned back at Heathrow Airport.

You might have thought that the "hottest convict ever" – AKA 32-year-old Jeremy Meeks – had earned himself a one-way ticket out of his former life when his mugshot went viral and earned him a career as a model, but apparently his past is still catching up with him.

According to the Daily Mail, the "Hot Felon" has been deported from the UK, less than eight hours after he arrived at Heathrow Airport.

Meeks, from Stockton, California, had planned to spend this week in London shooting a series of magazine covers, according to his manager, Jim Jordan. But on arriving in London on Monday, Meeks was detained by UK border officials and banned from entering the country, despite claiming to have the correct paperwork and a letter from his parole officer.

According to his LA-based model agent, he and Meeks had approached the same immigration official but Meeks was ordered to one side. Over the next eight hours, Meeks was interviewed, fingerprinted and then searched, before being told he could not enter the UK. He was then escorted onto a New York-bound American Airlines flight by officials.

He was flown back to the US and landed in New York on Monday night, although his wife and manager remain in a hotel in London.

Meeks' face went viral in 2014 after the Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot on their website, following his arrest for gang activity and a misdemeanour charge of resisting / obstructing justice. Since being released from jail in March of 2016 he's landed himself a career as a model and appeared on the catwalk during New York Fashion Week in February.