Tim Hortons Is Inexplicably Offering a Buffalo Sauce-Flavored Latte

The entirely bizarre coffee drink is only being served at two locations—for now.
Photo via Tim Hortons

In today's news that we swear isn't a joke: Yesterday morning, Canadian coffee-and-doughnut chain Tim Hortons revealed that it would be unleashing a concoction they've dubbed the "Buffalo Latte" on patrons in two of its New York state locations, one in Depew and the other in, appropriately, Buffalo. The drink costs $2.79 at its smallest size, and it's a mean solution of freshly-brewed espresso, steamed milk, mocha, and piquant Buffalo sauce (seriously), all capped with whipped cream and a light sprinkle of "zesty Buffalo seasoning."


"It's just part of something we've been doing lately," Rebecca Lee, a manager at the Depew location, one of two Tim Hortons locations selling the drinks, tells MUNCHIES over the phone. "For Mother's Day, we did a doughnut bouquet. For Canada Day, we did a poutine doughnut. We really want to spark customer interest."

In his justification for why this drink exists in this particular cultural moment, Stephen Goldstein, the chain's US regional president, noted that the chain and Buffalo sauce share a 1964 birth year. Uh, cool. The drink is pegged to the release of the chain's other espresso drinks this autumn, with flavors that are more quotidian: caramel, vanilla, mocha, and, yes, pumpkin spice.

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When prompted to describe the drink's mouthfeel, Lee hesitates. "It's… different," she says. "It's a mocha latte with a kick. It's got a little bit of a bite to it. It's got an aftertaste that'll stay with you."

For now, the drink is contained to these two stores. The promotion, Lee says, will end once supplies of the product are depleted. It's premature to predict when the promotion will end. "Today was the launch day," Lee tells MUNCHIES. "We've sold one latte."

Er, yeah. Let's see how quickly those supplies run out.