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Architectural Web Of Threads Gets Irradiated In Remarkable Audio-Visual Installation

"Line Segments Space" by Kimchi And Chips creates dynamic shapes through illuminated nylon string.

Seoul-based art and design studio, Kimchi and Chips, is known for creating innovative multimedia installations that combine code and interesting material choices to yield mesmerizing sensory spectacles. Whether its Lit Tree, an augmented projection system that responded to viewers' gestures by using plants as volumetric canvases, or its most recent installation, Line Segments Space, the studio has a knack for turning simple objects into electrified art.


Line Segments Space, is an architectual web of threads that are illuminated in a way that dynamic forms appear. In a video documenting the installation (above), the artwork is paired with a crescendoing soundtrack by Junghoon Pi that matches the ebb and flow of the chaotic lighting perfectly. There's a beautiful moment at the one minute mark that feels like a nuanced representation of the tired phrase "the calm after the storm."

The installation will be presented as a live edition re-titled Line Of Sight, at Resonate 2014 in collaboration with artist Andreas Müller and composer Jan Nemeček. Watch the audio-visual trip above, and see some stills from the piece:

See more of Kimchi And Chips' work at their website, here.