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Scott Hardware’s 'Mutate Repeat Infinity' Is a Dance-Pop Meditation on Capitalism and Queerness

Stream the Toronto musician’s intimate EP before it comes out June 24 on Banko Gotiti Records.
Album artwork courtesy of Banko Gotiti Records

Scott Hardware is the new synth-pop incarnation of Scott Harwood, who previously recorded as Ken Park. His new six-track EP, Mutate Repeat Infinity (out June 24 on Banko Gotiti Records), finds the artist connecting his love of both dance music and new wave pop, while subtly taking on queer political issues in his lyrics.

"This record is the summation of a years-long obsession with capitalism's slow and frictional courtship of queerness: of the focus on marriage instead of healthcare, of erasure where remembrance is due, of an inflamed prejudice among the first let into the club," Harwood told THUMP via email.

"Most of all I hope this album serves as a tribute to a generation of people who were left to die of a vicious plague and an indictment of their would-be heirs who choose to forget. Throughout, I imagine dance music as hallowed ground. The soundtrack and battle cry of a group of martyrs suffering for all the things I take for granted as an M4M in 2016."

Stream the full EP below, preorder it on cassette or digitally here, and check out Harwood's upcoming Canadian shows.

Scott Hardware Show Dates:

June 24 - The Velvet Underground - Toronto, ON (w/ Odonis Odonis & Prince Innocence)
July 7 - Incline/Decline Fest - Guelph, ON
July 28 - Bar Datcha - Montreal, QC
August 17 - Arboretum Fest - Ottawa, ON
August 20 - Camp Wavelength on Toronto Island - Toronto, ON
September 22 - Club Ballatou (POP Montreal) - Montreal, QC