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These Intimate Photos Capture the Transition of a Scared Boy Into a Drag Queen

Monisha Ajgaonkar’s photo series, 'Blossom', asks you to show the world who you really want to be.

At first comes a young boy unwilling to show his face to the viewer. On his back lie some wilted leaves and branches. Slowly though, a bloom of flowers makes an appearance on his face, which itself is transforming into how he really sees himself. He seems halfway there for a while—in limbo between what seems like an expectation thrust upon from society and what he feels he truly is. And then she emerges—glorious, gorgeous and powerful.


Photographer and LGBTQ+ activist Monisha Ajgaonkar’s new photo series, 'Blossom', captures the journey of the coming out of a transsexual person, stunningly portrayed here by drag queen, singer and actor Sushant Digvikar. "Since it’s pride month and transgenders are being mistreated worldwide, I wanted to raise a voice for them and show support,” says Ajgaonkar. “I want them to know that we are there for them and they can be whatever they like, regardless of what society wants. With this photo series, I want to portray that people can be themselves and be comfortable in their own skin."

queer gay india photo pride
queer gay india photo pride
queer gay india photo pride
queer gay india photo pride


Concept, planning and photography: Monisha Ajgaonkar From The Photo Diary
Muse: Sushant Divgikr
Makeup artist: Ankit Anil Trivedi
Stylist: Mayuri Nivekar
Assisted by: Noyonika Nalavade
Outfit: Swapnil Shinde
Production: Akash Shah, Aryan Gupta & Netram Shah

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