Taurus, June 2018
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Taurus, June 2018

Welcome to Gemini season!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Taurus season has come and gone—hope you made the most of it, sweet cow! Now the Sun is in Gemini, a sign that’s been maligned by the internet, but it’s actually not so bad. The energy is abundant during Gemini season, and you’ll be getting opportunities to show off your talents! On top of that, this first weekend of June will be a dream: Your planetary ruler Venus will connect with lucky planet Jupiter on June 1, creating a fantastic energy within your relationships and social life, and it’ll connect with Neptune on June 2, creating a whimsical, romantic energy.


The 2nd will also be fabulous for networking and meeting people. Creativity will be flowing, your intuition will be strong, and the mood will be very social. Jupiter is the planet of optimism, Neptune is the planet of dreams and fantasies, and Venus is the planet of affection and abundance—this will really be a wonderful vibe, and this confluence in energies will bode so well for your social life and partnerships, as well as your mental wellbeing in general.

The next week won’t be so easy: Venus will oppose the planet of the underworld, Pluto, on June 5. After a weekend of easygoing fun, shit’s gonna get real. It’s possible you could work with this this vibe, either by having a kinky, good time in bed, or by creating an opportunity to handle a difficult conversation with maturity and kindness. With that said, not everyone will be so ready to deal with the confrontational and emotionally intense energy that this planetary combination brings. Be on the lookout for envy, power struggles, and manipulation. Someone may try to bully you into sharing their point of view (or you may try to do that to someone else!). If this is the case, call in a third party to help mediate.

Communication will be strained, too. Mercury will square off with Neptune on June 6, followed by the Sun doing the same on June 7, creating confusion, insecurity, and even paranoia. It’s so important to stay grounded during this time. And just because your friends are all doing something doesn’t mean you have to, too, Taurus— especially not this week.


A shift in communication will arrive once messenger planet Mercury enters intuitive water sign Cancer on June 12. Expect to be part of plenty of conversations; lots of news will be coming your way. Cancer is very psychic—you’re a little too practical to believe in anything so woo-woo, dear cow; however, you have strong intuitive abilities, too… your gut never leads you astray! As Mercury moves through Cancer, keep an open mind, and make time for the flurry of paperwork, errands, and invitations that will come your way. Tap into your intuition as well. As the summer solstice rolls around and Cancer season begins on June 21, communication will continue to be a big theme for you.

Mars begins its retrograde in Aquarius on June 26. This is a major transit, and it’ll have you focusing intently on your career and what direction you want to continue going with it.

There’s a new moon in Gemini on June 13, which will activate the sector of your chart that rules your finances, as well as your sense of self-worth and security. This will be a wonderful time to work magic around these themes, so release your inner witch and cast a love spell… or at least pick up a book on budgeting! Your planetary ruler Venus also enters regal Leo on the same day. You may feel inspired to give your home a make-over, or to spruce up your altars. Venus in warm fire sign Leo will create an easygoing energy around connecting with your family and loved ones.


Venus will square off with electric Uranus on June 14, bringing surprises. Uranus is the rebel of the zodiac, and it’s just recently entered your sign, so you’ve been feeling rather stimulated lately. You’re eager to shake things up, especially at home—perhaps you’re ready for a move! Freedom is the word that comes to mind during this time; your autonomy and independence are hugely valuable to you right now, and while home and family will always have a place in your heart, it’s crucial to have space and the ability to come and go without feeling weighed down by tradition, expectations, or inappropriate violations of your emotional boundaries.

Neptune begins its retrograde in Pisces on June 18, asking you to take time to reflect on what your hopes and dreams are for your future—dream big, Taurus! Your fantasy world is not the place for you to be practical! Get some friends together to create vision boards today. Thankfully, communication will be flowing way easier now (although you’ll have to watch out for exaggerations!), thanks to Mercury connecting harmoniously with Jupiter on June 19 and with Neptune on June 20. Both of these days will be lovely times to socialize.

Venus will oppose Mars on June 21, creating a playfully competitive atmosphere. On June 25, Venus will square off with Jupiter—this should be plenty of fun, especially for your relationships. Just watch out for overindulgence, and take a few days off from work if you can!

Mars begins its retrograde in Aquarius on June 26. This is a major transit, and it’ll have you focusing intently on your career and what direction you want to continue going with it. You’ve been fighting for something—but is it still worth your energy? Do you need to re-strategize? Toward the end of the summer, you’ll realize you still have plenty to learn. As a result of this epiphany, you’ll be able to retrieve whatever information you’re missing so that you can move forward with the skill, confidence, energy, and fearlessness that Mars exudes… when it’s not limping backward through the zodiac, that is!

There’s a full moon in Capricorn on June 28, which will bring about some big philosophical and emotional breakthroughs. It will also result in a climax in some conversation that’s been building. Have you been on a journey of some kind? You’ll find yourself arriving at whatever destination you’ve been seeking now. Messenger planet Mercury will enter Leo on June 29, so wherever you go, home will still be on your mind—you’ll be in a nostalgic mood, but remember: Home is where your heart is. Call a loved one if you can.

Good luck this month and see you in July, dear Taurus!