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Joe Goddard Gives LXURY's "Square 1" a Sizzling New Perspective

Listen to a glittering rework of a cut from LXURY's latest EP.
Emerging from the ashes of post-new rave Britain, Greco-Roman have built a pretty scintillating reputation for releasing kaleidoscopic displays of off-kilter electronic music, and their latest release does nothing to sully that good name. LXURY (cos like your ex is thinking: who needs another 'u'?) is a house producer capitalizing on a scene as open to glittering tropical beats as it is heady bass-lines. His EP, 'Into The Everywhere', was released last month to a reception nearly as warm as the music within it.

Joe Goddard, co-owner of Greco Roman and cuddly Hot Chip member, has taken time out of his busy schedule, running a label and being in Hot Chip, to give "Square 1" from that EP a nifty re-rub. The original track, featuring the slinky pipes of Deptford Goth, gets charged with new levels of energy.

We can't help but feel this one is best enjoyed with some sunglasses, and that stupid sequined jacket you have from NYE 2012, but feel free to make up your own minds/outfit.