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This Might Be 2015's Most Chilled Out Synth Documentary

Soundtrack by I Monster
December 12, 2015, 6:40pm

Dave Spiers is the head of GForce Software, a company that brings ports vintage synthesizers to a virtual interface. Now Spiers is taking his love of old electronic music instruments to a more general audience with Bright Sparks, a documentary focusing on some of his favorite synthesizer companies and the inventors behind them.

Bright Sparks is full of intimate anecdotes, gossip, and lore from a wide host of characters, including synth makers Peter Zinovieff (EMS), Ken Freeman (Freeman), Herb Deutsch (Moog), Alan Robert Pearlman (ARP), and John Bradley (Mellotron) as well as synth players like Will Gregory (Goldfrapp), Rick Smith & Karl Hyde (Underworld), Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails), Billy Currie & Chris Cross(Ultravox), Daniel Miller (Mute) and Adrian Utley (Portishead).

Bright Sparks's soundtrack is an eponymously named album by I Monster, which was interestingly recorded prior the filming. Both film and album can be purchased from the Bright Spark's site where you can also watch a trailer for the film.