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An Obstacle Course Is No Match For This Nimble Drone

A speedy drone blitz through hoops, under cars, and around trees in the awesome video, "No Time For Blinking."

Drone videographer CHARPU pushes his high-flying quadcopter to its most dexterous limit in an aptly named short, No Time For Blinking. The camera-equipped drone zooms over railroad tracks and weaves through tree branches so quickly that its stabilizing software can barely keep up, blurring several shots as if the lens was blinded by an overwhelming adrenaline surge.

When the drone isn't hitting ludicrous speeds, it's delicately weaving in and out of hoops, through table legs, and even under the chasis of a squat hatchback. These airborne antics are enough to make us re-watch Top Gun for days.


Not every take is so elegant though—the filmmaker graciously added a crash reel to the end of his short. It turns out that hedges, walls, and the ground itself are worthy opponents for the modern quadcopter pilot—even one as skilled as CHARPU.

Below, take a look at a few select surges and spills seen from the nimble drone's perspective.


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