Party Soft to Medium With Lars Finberg and Puberty

Listen to a new track from these rockers who got their start as the house band at a monthly party held in a Seattle karaoke bar.
June 10, 2016, 10:45pm

Lars Finberg knows how to party. It’s just that he doesn’t do it as often as he used to. As a member of Seattle’s legendary post punk A-Frames and the equally as manic The Intelligence, Finberg was known to put on the kind of sweat drenched shows that could out party the hardiest.

Puberty were also born to party. Back in 2010 Finberg and his fellow The Intelligence bandmate Susanna Welbourne launched Trainwreck, a monthly musical happening held at Seattle karaoke bar, The Orient Express. Puberty became the house band for a wild night that would including dressing up and dancing to funk, reggae and synth-wave.


Following a single on Telephone Explosion records the band have released their debut self-titled LP on French label Born Bad records.

One of the highlights of the record is the appropriately titled “Parties”. Taken a listen and read a short chat we had with with Lars about the party life.

Noisey: Do you get to as many parties as you used to?
Lars Finberg: No way, almost zero parties. But I also have way less friends. I think it was Ben Franklin who said, “it's better to have no friends than bad friends". It's also my birthday today and I am typing this from work. Happily.

What was the last good party you were at? What type of party do you prefer?
Raffi from Wounded Lion had a nice dinner at Taylor's Steakhouse with about 10 people followed by a private karaoke room in Chinatown one year ago, that stands out. I prefer a VIP small vibe these days but Ty Segall had a big Christmas party with oysters and disgusting Fireball liquor and every good musician I've ever met between LA and SF that was there. I enjoyed that too.

Your new album is on a French label. If you are at a shit party is it OK to French exit?
French exit is my move regardless even at my own house. Some people say 'Irish exit' but 'French' sounds more romantic. It would be weirder if you didn't French exit, "I'm sorry but the good wine has gone and they’re smoking with the windows shut, GOODBYE".

You have toured quite extensively through the US, Europe and Australia. Do people do the after party different in different places?
Australia has the most expensive beer and are the happiest, Europe smokes the most and looks the best, and people in the US find a tree to hide their alcohol in before they go inside.

What happened to Trainwreck?
On the last one some poor girl ODd or something and had to be taken out by EMT's on a stretcher and I moved to California.

'Puberty’ is available now from Born Bad records.