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Nicholas Krgovich has Some Bad News for Viewers: "You're Through"

Feel the waves of happiness and joy wash upon your body as you experience the wanderings of a city nomad.

The world is getting smaller and smaller. Some people fear this shrinkage, as it can result in unwanted problems falling into their backyard, forcing them to come face-to-face with change. But others take advantage of this accessibility, like the nomadic Nicholas Krgovich. Though he lives and works in Vancouver, most of Krgovich's lyrical content revolves around Los Angeles. He's just returned from touring Japan with a Angel Deradoorian of Dirty Projectors, and at the end of May he'll be hitting the UK with Owen Pallett. The man's passport may need additional pages, but you wouldn't see the stress that comes from travelling on this man's face. Ever youthful, Nicholas can be seen wandering through the streets of Los Angeles as he looks forlornly into the camera with his boyishly handsome face.


"The video was directed and edited by my friend Courtenay Johnson. It all came together very last minute, literally me texting her the night before asking if she'd wanna shoot a video the next day," explains Krgovich. "These days I like thinking of music videos in the very classical MTV sense. The singer of the song, performing the song, trying to 'appear,' no big plot points, just mood, tone and atmosphere and singing and dancing. We spent the day rolling around Los Angeles, shooting wherever or whenever the light was nice, used my iPhone in my pocket as playback. I'm into this videos casualness, it feels light, and straight up."