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What Are You Doing with Your Life? Watch Noisey's Best Documentaries Right Now

Spend your weekend the right way.
July 3, 2015, 1:00pm

At Noisey, our goal is to explore the different cultures of music across the world. Like the rest of you, of course, we like listening to dope music—whether that's hip-hop, metal, pop, a cool thing we heard on Vine, whatever—but we also want to see from where our favorite artists came. Our documentaries offer unprecedented access into worlds beyond what you hear when musicians step behind the microphone. Over the holiday weekend, you don't have anything better to do (c'mon, do you really want to hear your drunk uncle tell that same story about the time he took a bus from Chicago to Minneapolis with a homeless guy who tried to sell him mushrooms again) so curl up and watch some of Noisey's best work below.

Noisey Chiraq: A Look at a Pocket of Chicago Hip-Hop

Noisey NOLA: Life, Death, and Heavy Blues from the Bayou

SVDDXNNLY: The Rise of A$AP Rocky

Noisey Atlanta: An Exploration of the Most Vibrant Rap Scene in America

Under the Influence: A Look at Definitive and Influential Music Scenes Across the World