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Pick Yourself Up and Hear Praise's Exuberant Hardcore EP 'Leave It All Behind'

Hear the whole thing before it drops this Friday May 6 on REACT! Records.

Photo by Angela Owens

For those with their ears to the streets, Baltimore, MD has become a real hotbed of forward-thinking and experimental punk rock. Instead of writing snooty synth-lined songs that ooze condescension for their genre, Baltimore bands have made it a point to write music that's focused on both exploration and straight up fun. No band shows this more than Praise, especially with their new EP Leave It All Behind. Throughout the record, the band whirls together classic hardcore song structures with textures and distortion befitting post-punk à la Sonic Youth. On a dime, Praise morphs reflective and wavering sonic reverb into one-two punch hardcore, as seen on tracks like "Crash Into My Life." Vocals shy away from abrasive yells, instead deciding on a style of confessional delivery that lets the message in each song be crystal clear. In the small confines of a seven track EP (including an Egg Hunt cover), the band interprets rock and hardcore with ingenuity and fearlessness, putting together a record that basks in joy and reflection in equal measure.

Pre-order the record from REACT! Records.

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