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Korean Air’s In-Flight Safety Video Ingeniously Features K-Pop

“Safety does not have to be serious or boring.”
korean air k-pop safety video
Screenshots from Korean Air YouTube.

Many of us know the feeling. You get on a plane, get comfy in your seat and prepare to watch a movie until it happens: the boring safety video comes on. And there’s no chance of getting rid of it until it’s over.

But different airlines across the globe have tried different antics to make that moment a bit more fun - and actually get people to listen to safety instructions. In a most recent case, Korean Air unveiled a new K-Pop safety video in collaboration with SM Entertainment, Korea’s biggest entertainment company, the Bangkok Post reports.


The video premiered on all Korean Air flights on November 4, and features K-pop group SuperM.

In the video, members of the boy group are seen walking through a futuristic airport, and onto a flight. A flight attendant, played by influential K-Pop singer BoA, is projected onto aircraft walls. She walks passengers through the safety requirement of the flight, including where to store luggage and how to fasten seatbelts.

The video is broken up with segments of the boy-band singing and dancing.

The first flight to feature the video was KE621 from Incheon to Manila, which departed at 7:45 am on November 4.

A Korean Air spokesperson who led the safety-video project said that “safety does not have to be serious or boring.”

“We hope to deliver clear safety messages to our passengers with the new safety video.”

The song featured in the safety video is called “Let’s go everywhere” and will be released as a single on November 18. Korean Air said profits from the sales will be donated to the Global Poverty Project's Global Citizen campaign, which addresses poverty, climate change and inequality.

With the new video, the airline said it wants to “contribute to the spread of K-pop and Korean pop culture around the world.”

This is not the first time airlines have spiced things up with their pre-flight safety procedure. In 2010, videos from Filipino airline Cebu Pacific went viral after flight attendants choreographed their safety demonstration to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

Air New Zealand also garnered praise for its Lord of the Rings inspired safety video featuring the Hobbit.

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