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Khalid's Tiny Desk Concert Is Every Bit as Good as You'd Expect

The 20-year-old singer-songwriter performed acoustic versions of "Young Dumb & Broke," "Location," and "Saved."

Khalid Could Be the Next GOAT

Khalid Robinson might as well soundtrack this summer as well. American Teen, the 20-year-old R&B-pop singer-songwriter's debut LP, still sounds fresh and uncluttered; his voice is still an effortless marvel; and his lovelorn, drunk-in-the-back-of-an-Uber lyrics still click. He's spent the past year on a seemingly perpetual tour, but he's still found the time to record pretty-ass covers, phone-shot acoustic videos, and new hits. Drag and drop Khalid's entire discography into whatever playlist you're working on right now. He can only improve the last nine weeks of good weather.

When you've done that, watch his Tiny Desk Concert, which NPR released this morning. It's everything you'd expect from a kid who could be a generational talent: understated, almost note-perfect, totally charming. He plays "Young Dumb & Broke," "Location," and "Saved," breaking in the middle to tell sly stories about his come-up. The rapport he's developed with guitarist Jef Villaluna is invaluable now, and Villaluna is smart enough not to overdo his between-bar embellishments. It's all very good. Watch it at the top of the page.

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