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Is Donut Cop the Internet's Next Dancing Baby?

Artist ofortvna may or may not have just created a new viral dance meme. Either way, it's amazing.
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The internet sure loves a good dance. From the 3D-animated “Dancing Baby” of the late ‘90s, to the various viral renditions of the “Harlem Shake” back in 2013, internet users will share a good dance until it becomes a full-on meme. And now we may have a new sensation on our hands, though far more surreal and absurd in its dark humor.

Titled antonyms for prejudice., this new 3D animation features a cop provocatively bellydancing amidst a rainfall of donuts to the deeply unsettling slow ballad version of “She’s a Maniac," by Michael Sambello. The video’s description simply reads, “donut mess with a cop”; made all the more funny because police officers probably steer clear of donuts these days due to the social stigma that they consume the sugary treats in vast quantities.


Created by ofortvna, the minute-long clip is just as in-line with Adult Swim sketch comedy as it is with new media art, with its strobing, extremely well-crafted, pixelated style. But, what are we to make of this video, especially given the last few years’ police brutality and violence?

Well, if we take its title, antonyms for prejudice., at face value, then perhaps ofortvna is suggesting cops should exercise more love, fairness, respect and good will in the communities they police. You know, the type of love that the fuzz show to their breakfast pastries, and to each other.

Watch antonyms for prejudice. below:

antonyms for prejudice. from ofortvna on Vimeo.

See more of ofortvna’s work on Tumblr.


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